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Retreat Collaborations

Retreat Collaborations

We love to create new retreats and bring more guests to experience the magic of Italy! Over the last few years Radiant Jane Retreats has successfully expanded their offerings to include producing retreats for successful leaders in their industry. If you have built a following that is keen to retreat with you internationally we have a process that works beautifully. We know what makes retreats work from the moment a client becomes interested to the moment they return home invigorated and inspired. 

You're a busy entrepreneur and the best use of your time is leading, teaching and being a visionary. The details of organizing a retreat are not the best use of your time. Let us handle all the endless details so that you can show up, shine and glitter away! We make it easy to expand your reach and grow your brand. Just let us do all the heavy lifting so that when you're retreat is over you're ready to conquer Rome. 

“Fattoria del Colle provided a glorious, authentic Tuscan setting, and Radiant Jane Retreats looked after all the logistics and details with compassion, attention, and good humor. My retreat went off without a hitch and the participants loved it.”

Alison Wearing
Life as Story Retreat, 2022

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