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“The setting was majestic, and every meal was more delicious than the next. Jane pours her soul into her retreats. She ensures every detail is perfect to make for a memorable experience. She is present and available at all times to take care of any request that may come up! I hope this is not my last JR retreat!”

- Lauren Langford
Italy Retreat Guest 2022


Copy of Copy of Radiant Jane (1)_edited.

with Amy T. Won
Jane Reeves
and Heidi Zimmer of Wild Rice Retreat!
April 21-27, 2024

Dear tender hearts, it’s time to choose lightness and the healing magic of the moon! It’s been a heavy few years, let wonder soothe your weary soul and rekindle your creativity. Wake up to early morning mist in the rolling hills of Toscana, wander its beautiful countryside in bloom, and let the cool spring evenings soothe your soul.

This retreat is a gentle invitation to replenish, release what no longer serves, and reawaken your creativity in a truly enchanting place. Meditate, make a map of secret places, indulge in a massage or a moonlit walk, and hand-craft a wonder-journal to remember it all.

There is spaciousness to just be, to rest, to enjoy conversation with others. Creativity happens when we slow down, make room for unfettered curiosity, and allow magic from within to bubble up.

Enjoy delicious, nourishing meals for both body and spirit. Allow Tuscany and the full Pink Moon to carve deep roads of splendor in your soul and break open the door to self-love and creative joy, so that you may feel replenished, exuberant, and present to life in the most loving way.


 Are you enchanted yet?  


Amy Won

I’m Amy Won: artist, author, and nature-lover.

​Once upon a time, my burned-out creative heart found her way to a magical retreat far away from home that forever changed the way I make and experience the world. When I returned home, I embraced my inner child and never looked back.

​I learned that wonder transforms us. It makes us come alive, sparks creativity, and reconnects us to a world more beautiful than we can ever know. What followed the retreat was a labyrinthine creative journey beyond my imagination: a sold-out Deck of Wonder-Walking cards, two illustrated books (An Explorer’s Journal of Wonder-Walking and A Magical Night Journey), and creativity courses straight from the soul. Nature became my muse and I found a language of enchantment all my own.

​Along the way I discovered that nurturing my sense of wonder is a lifelong endeavor, a skill that once learned can help us navigate life’s ups and downs more gracefully. I began inviting others to join me, as I believe that a world that lives in wonder is better cared-for and a happier, more harmonious place. I want to help create that.


What to look forward to in your enchanting
Week of Moonlit Wonder

Embrace moon magic: Re-discover your relationship with the moon through moonlit rituals, wonder-walks, and journaling. On the evening of April 23, around the midpoint of this retreat, there will be a full moon in Scorpio called the Pink Moon. We will participate in a full moon ritual on that evening under the
Tuscan stars.

Unleash your inner child: Amy will teach you how to use the Deck of Wonder-Walking cards and companion guidebook to explore the beautiful retreat grounds and surrounding countryside in daylight and moonlight, with wide-eyed, childlike awe. (Perfectly complements the daily meditative walks by Jane).

Walk mindfully: Daily meditative walks with Jane to practice being present and attuned, within, and without. (Enhances your wonder-walking practice with Amy.)

Create a retreat memento: With Amy’s guidance, have fun learning her unique, mood-painting techniques to create an exquisite, hand-crafted Wonder-Journal to reflect on your experiences during the retreat. Paint what enchants you - the moon, the night, your epiphanies! This will also make a beautiful and meaningful memento to remember this magical experience.

Fun things: Identify your secret nooks and favorite hideaways during the retreat and let Amy show you how to create a hand-painted map of it to revisit on your own time for journaling, meditation, or painting. 

Slow down with yoga: Learn and practice yoga with guest yoga teacher Heidi Zimmer, owner of the Award Winning Wild Rice Retreat in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Heidi teaches us how to slow down and be present in our bodies as we practice.

Nourishment for the body and soul: Expect delicious chef meals, daily meditative walks with Jane, and creative play with Amy, as well as beautiful field trips and lots of time to explore, create, and experience enchantment on your own.

Heidi Zimmer

Heidi Zimmer is the creator and founder of Wild Rice Retreat, A Center for Arts and Well-Being and first of its kind wellness resort in the Midwest. 

As an accomplished compassionate leader, Heidi also provides wisdom and guidance for gathering courage, tools for moving through transitions with grace, and building resilience.


Heidi’s open-hearted and joyful approach to yoga and personal development is accessible and approachable.

Jane Reeves

Screen Shot 2023-02-04 at 11.37_edited.jpg

Jane is an international retreat leader, author and mentor in the sacred arts of loving kindness, connection, and joy. She teaches why and how to retreat in our daily lives, giving ourselves time for rest, reflection, and curiosity. Jane will help you remember your Radiance, not just on vacations and weekends. This is her work in the world.

Crafting beautiful moments is a creative joy for Jane. She has led over 80 retreats in the last twenty years and has learned so much about humanity, connection, and what brings people alive in her travels. Join Jane for a life changing experience in stunning Italy. 


What else is included in this retreat?

A nourishing stay, April 21-27, 2024, in a 16th-century agriturismo Fattoria Del Colle with delicious made-for-you chef meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner; a wellness spa; and luscious grounds to explore.


Group transfer from Rome Fiumicino airport on April 21, and a return to the Rome airport April 27. 


Full moon ritual, moonlit and meditative walks, guided meditation, and yoga.


Beautiful art materials and portable supplies to make your Wonder Journal and create with during the retreat.


A creative adventure kit that includes a personal, signed set of Amy’s Wonder-Walking Deck and hardcover companion guidebook as well as the brand new Magical Night Journey book to use during the retreat and bring home to enjoy.


Wine tour and tasting and pici making class. 


An enchanting field trip to the historic town of Pienza to wonder-walk, sketch, paint, and explore.


6 nights in wild Tuscany. 

Private Room w/ Private Bath | $4,100

Shared Apartment w/ Private Room | $3,800

*Airfare not included.


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