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Hi, I'm Jane Reeves
Let me be your guide.

I’m an international retreat leader, author and mentor in the sacred arts of loving kindness, connection, and joy. I teach why and how to retreat in our daily lives, giving ourselves time for rest, reflection, and curiosity. I’ll help you remember your Radiance, not just on vacations and weekends. This is my work in the world.

Crafting beautiful moments is a creative joy for me. I have led over 80 retreats in the last twenty years. I have learned so much about humanity, connection, and what brings people alive in my travels. Join me for a life changing experience in stunning Italy. 



Copy of Copy of Radiant Jane (2)_edited.

I like to make things beautiful. Probably the Libra in me. I want people to connect to self-love and remember their dreams. All my life I'm happiest when I'm creating spaces for people to feel cared for, inspired and connected. Whether it's cooking for my loved ones, designing my home or beautiful retreats in Italy I'm at my best when I'm inspiring others. 


Years ago I designed women's clothing in Minneapolis and it was a great success. I loved the feeling of textiles, shapes, colors and possibilities. 

When I began teaching yoga I was passionate about helping people feel seen, encouraged and present in their bodies. It was so moving to see this unfold over a 20 year period teaching thousands of classes. During this period I renovated an old run down space into an enchanting light filled yoga studio with tall ceilings and

peaceful energy for people to gather. To this day I get notes from students telling me what a life changing experience it was for them to take classes there. 


My dream of leading retreats in Italy began in 2009 and took off fully in 2014 with my first retreat at an ancient castle. 

I've used the same principles to design my Italy retreats that I use in all of my creations. They include: Beautiful natural environments, soulful food, embodied presence, laughter, places for people to feel seen and cared for, flora and fauna, connection and joy. 

It is my deep calling to create gorgeous gatherings in Italy. 

I'm honored to meet you there. 

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