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I stepped off the bus and onto the land for the first time. "This is a special place," a voice whispered in my head. I took a deep breath of cool air, redolent of spring rain and aromatic with newly awakened flora.


Sweeping my gaze to the right, I felt my eyes wide to take in the beauty of Orcia Valley. The hills rolled seamlessly into one another, an ocean of contrasting spring greens. Vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees enchanted underneath a multidimensional sky. "I have arrived."


My week at Fattoria del Colle was a fairytale within a dream. I took long walks down winding country roads, through vineyards and gardens, into labyrinths and over hillsides. I reconnected with my inner artist and captured daily moments with paint and brush. Each night ended with a four-course dinner of traditional Italian gastronomy, and we drank organic wine produced from grapes that grew in fields just outside the restaurant windows.


For those who are seeking rest

For those who delight in the natural world

For those on a quest to go within

For those in need of time and space in beauty

Radiant Jane Retreats!

Full Moon Over Toscana guest 2024

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