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'The only response is to go out
from oneself, with all that one is.'
- Thomas Merton

Awaken Creative 

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Art Retreat
with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
May 4-10, 2025

Make Your Deposit

Your life has a story to tell, a picture to paint, and it wants to flow heartily from your fingertips to your canvas. To express your truest self, inspiration begins by going within.

You begin by opening long-hidden or even forgotten doorways to seeing who you are, and what art is here to tell you.

On this retreat you're invited to tap into your natural intuition and instinct, along with experience, intellect, and lineage so that the unique expression of you is fully realized through your work.

It is time to reignite your soul.

It is time for you to be inspired.

Join me in Tuscany to do just this.


Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Artist, Author, Instructor, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch has a passion for inspiring others. Her love for the medium of encaustic* translates into her teaching, and students benefit from a passionate, engaging experience filled with all the knowledge Patricia has acquired and developed in her foraging into this rich and diverse medium over the past three decades.


This work spans five continents, five highly successful books, and inspirations on live on Insight Timer, recordings on YouTube, and regular blog posts at Before the Brush.

In 2010 she created EncaustiCamp, an annual week-long encaustic retreat for artists at all levels of practice in the medium. This retreat is held annually the last week in July, on the shores of the Puget Sound outside of Seattle, Washington and attended by artists from throughout the world.

Since 2015, with a move back to the states from her two year teaching abroad in Australia, New Zealand and Bali, Patricia purchased and began renovations on an 1880 castle in Lexington, Kentucky. The EncaustiCastle compound as it’s come to be known, hosts artists studios, Artist-in-Residency opportunities, and regularly scheduled group retreats.

Patricia exhibits her work in encaustic and oil painting in galleries throughout the world.


*Encaustic is the ancient art of painting in melted, pigmented beeswax, similar to how oil paint is oil mixed with pigment; encaustic simply requires a heated palette to get it flowing! It has seen a revitalization recently thanks to paint manufacturers producing ready-mixed colors, and books, videos, and workshops becoming more readily available to the practicing artist. 

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May 4-10, 2025 find yourself immersed in the lush, verdant countryside of Tuscany, Italy with brush in hand and heart open wide.

You wake to the rich sunrise warming your senses.

Rise to join your fellow travelers around the studio tables for a morning of inspired exercises and colorfully designed practices to reawaken your best sense of expression.

After a nourishing lunch the studio space is open to you to immerse, rediscover, and express all that the landscape offers up to you to feed upon.

The evening holds deep conversation as we dine on locally sourced food and wine to bring us to the place of wonder-filled dreams, which then further imbue our efforts before the canvas.

This retreat is open to everyone seeking a deeper expression of their soul self in their art so that it speaks more boldly and intuitively into the world. 

You can expect to be inspired and for this inspiration to carry you back to your own studio, in your own place, and realize the deep nourishment and value of time spent in exploration of your truest self.

All this in addition to an immersive tour to Pienza, options for wellness spa, pool, and forest explorations, your meals and care supplied, and your retreat host Trish doing what she does best-inspiring you to your best creative self.

You can count on this retreat to be a catalyst, turning you into your most impactful and value-driven creative self, now.

I look forward to you.


What will the schedule look like?

Each morning begins with a buffet breakfast. 

Wake at your leisure, arriving to the studio refreshed and ready for creativity by 10am.


Lunch is served as a group, then the afternoon is free and clear for you to spend in the studio, strolling the grounds, or luxuriating in the spa offerings.

Trish will offer consultation hours for individual time in question, exploration, inquiry; otherwise she’ll be working alongside!


Evening finds us at group dinner where the deep conversations will give you nourishment to take to bed and dream into reality.


Trip to Pienza

We will also be spending a day in the heart of Tuscany; feasting on visual landscapes and architecture, wandering quaint cobbled streets, and stepping into unexpected shops to discover unique inspirations.


Pici Making Class

We will also partake in a lesson from the proprietor on the art of pasta making, which we then get to consume for dinner.


6 nights in wild Tuscany. 

Private Room w/ Private Bath | $4,400

Shared Apartment w/ Private Room | $4,100

*Airfare not included.


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