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Imagine an inward journey - a place where you can connect to the voice of your inner life. A place where you can trust and learn how to practice equanimity and have more peace of mind. A place where you can brave the world by ferociously leaning into your own self-care and self-love to offer yourself the compassion you need to thrive. I want you to be a part of it.

In this in-depth 6-week course, I'll lead you to a path within, where you learn to be present in your own life. You will cultivate curiosity and self-knowing. You will reverently attend to your own nourishment. Maybe you have been looking for discernment about where this strange season of life is taking you. Or perhaps you have been wondering how you can use this time to be more awake to your life, to be a light and a hope to the world. Maybe you are longing for more loving kindness in your daily practice, or you are searching for community and encouragement. 

Ferocious Compassion is my signature course, now available as 12 lessons via email for you to use to dig into more of what you are craving. I am delighted to be offering this deep dive where you will receive 2 lessons a week from me for 6 weeks! Ferocious Compassion will hold up a mirror and show you that you are whole, radiant and enough.

"This was truly a healing journey filled with

grace, love and enormous wisdom."

Join the list for the next Ferocious Compassion series starting winter of 2023

The benefits of this work are boundless! We are always moving toward greater alignment and embodiment, but never fully arriving. Here, presence is embodiment. You will have an opportunity to invite Loving Kindness into your life every day! Uncover your own unique wisdom!

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A Six Week Journey Within

Ferocious Compassion

Let's begin together... to create a place where you can connect... to the voice of your inner life.  Ferocious Compassion is my free gift to you, dear heart. It is full of the wisdom and loving kindness I use to lead retreats, so my hope is that it will feel like a retreat for you wherever you are.


Below is the first lesson. 

You'll find all the links to the other lessons below as they are released. Enjoy!

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