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"What a profound experience!! Sign up for a Radiant Jane retreat. It just might change your life!!"

- Dale H.

Release and Reveal Your Visible Voice Retreat

with Katharine Rajczak
August 20-26, 2023 

“Release and Reveal Your Visible Voice” at an enchanting winery in Tuscany, Italy! Improve your ability to communicate from the inside out during this one-week Voice and Communications Retreat for business, legal, medical, academic, and performance professionals. How many times have you felt invisible, unheard, or ignored? Are there times when you yourself have aimed to be invisible? When you have the impulse to communicate, are you confident that the sound of your voice truly conveys what you need to express? Does your voice reflect the real you?


What makes a great actor, a compelling orator, or an engaging speaker? ...DELIVERY 

It may seem counterintuitive but how we say something often matters more than what we say. How we say something will reveal the TRUTH of what is underneath the words.
Business leaders, managers, lawyers, mediators, health professionals, teachers, and actors are continually called upon to perform, present, persuade, placate, or deliver painful news. How we use our body and voice in these moments will affect how the information is received.  If the tone of voice or physical gesture doesn’t match with the words being used the message may be misinterpreted or just not heard. Simply put, your true voice will be unvoiced. It will be invisible.

About Katharine Rajczak

Katharine Rajczak provides Voice and Communication Coaching to individuals who wish to improve their oral presentations and general communication skills. Clients are introduced to breath, vocal and movement exercises to release inhibiting physical habits and build vocal strength and flexibility.

After working in leadership roles in the non-profit arts, health, and social service sectors for 15 years, Ms. Rajczak obtained her law degree from Osgoode Hall law School, was called to the Ontario Bar in 1996, and practised as a Family Law Trial Lawyer for over 20 years. She now focuses on alternate conflict resolution processes including mediation, collaborative law, parenting coordination, and voice, communication and conflict management coaching. Conflict management coaching includes working with self-determined groups, couples, and individuals to explore and develop self-awareness and empathy and improve their communication skills in conflict situations.


Ms. Rajczak received an MFA with Distinction in Voice Training and Coaching from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2020. She conducts voice and communication workshops and one-on-one training for individuals, business and health professionals, lawyers, mediators, teachers, and actors using breath, voice, and mindfulness techniques to create confident presentations and improve personal and professional communications.


The Visible Voice Retreat will help you:

  • make more compelling, confident, presentations in court, the classroom, on stage, and in meetings and gatherings of small or large groups.

  • optimally utilize and trust your voice particularly in the face of stressful situations.

  • better understand the anatomy of voice production and breath support to avert vocal strain and increase vocal stamina.

Daily activities led by lawyer/voice coach Katharine Rajczak, and actor/teachers Kate Fenton and Annie Newton, will include instruction in breath, physical alignment, gentle movement, creative improvisation, nourishing sound meditations, and invigorating vocalization. There will also be time in the day for nature walks, swimming, journaling, and stimulating conversation.

We’ll also take a break mid-week to refresh our systems and enjoy a visit to Pienza for the day. You can use your free time here to wander through the old streets, visit museums, go shopping, or simply sip a cappuccino, write postcards, and watch the street life.

We’re going to Bella Italia! To Tuscany. The land of olive groves and vineyards. Tuscany embraces its visitors like long-lost friends. You’re invited to sit at the table like family, while you are nourished mind, body and soul. Prepare for enchanted moments in the lush bloom and warm sun. Tuscany is a place that once visited, engages the heart, and calls it back again and again. Enjoy the bella luna and enlightenment under the waxing moon, August 20-26, 2023!

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