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Art of Wonder Webinar!

Hello dear ones!

Popping in to share a delightful and complimentary surprise for you this week.

Amy Won and I are hosting a webinar where Amy will lead us in re-igniting our creative spark and sense of wonder, and the two of us will chat about her upcoming guest teacher retreat next April in Tuscany!

Whether you're interested in retreating or not, join us to get inspired and tap into your innate sense of creativity and artistry.

Read on to learn more and sign-up!

Totally complimentary:)

A Mini Wonder-Workshop with Amy T. Won & Jane Reeves SEPTEMBER 14TH 2023, 12 PM - 1pm EST Convert to your time zone here.

It’s easier than ever to be an artist or creative today.

We have unlimited access to inspiration online: free tutorials and beautiful Instagram feeds, incredible Pinterest libraries, and since the pandemic, museums have even begun to offer their amazing art collections on the webs!

It would seem that finding inspiration is the least of an artist’s concerns today. I will argue that it should be our biggest.

As modern creatives, inspiration has been a double-edged sword - if we’re not overwhelmed by what’s available out there online, we’re frozen in analysis paralysis. So many creatives I know save hundreds of Pinterest boards and Instagram images but never act on the ideas. Where to even begin when there are so many possible creative avenues?

I believe that DISCERNMENT, especially in today's landscape, is the most important tool to feeling productive and fulfilled as an artist or creative today.

The road to discernment lies in enchantment - It lies in our very human, child-like and creative capacity for wonder, curiosity and adventure. The tools for re-enchanting our creativity shouldn’t be overwhelming or paralyzing, it should be re-invigorating.

Who is this LIVE workshop for? Artists and creatives looking to re-ignite their creative spark and re-invigorate their sense of wonder - because they’re at a crossroads, been away too long from their creative pursuits, or feeling like they’re in a rut.

What will you walk away with? Find out exactly what's changing in today's inspiration landscape, what us artists and creatives should really be focusing on to feel more inspired and productive, and how this is different for everyone. Workshop your 1-page Wonder Adventure Plan LIVE and begin re-aligning your inspirations to the next chapter of your creative journey! Ideas for wonder-journaling - I’ll share some of my own sketchbooks and journals, plus tips to start your own. For those interested in bolder, more immersive enchantment, my special guest Jane Reeves will be sharing Italy trip-planning tips and fun details for my upcoming Art of Wonder Retreat in Italy next year!!

Re-Enchant Your Creativity

Register below to participate LIVE in this mini wonder-workshop!


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