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"Look inward, for there lies the source of creativity, overflowing with possibilities."
-Rim Jarbouai

Crafting Your Soul Map

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An Intention Sketchbook Retreat
with Rim Jarbouai

April 27 - May 3, 2025

Make Your Deposit

A transformative retreat that empowers participants to craft a visual roadmap to their soul's desires, leading them towards a more authentic and fulfilling life.


This retreat combines introspection, creative and playful exploration, as well as healing workshops to guide participants towards authenticity and connection with their inner selves. The centerpiece is the creation of an intention sketchbook, a visual roadmap to their hearts' desires.

Retreat Guests Can Expect:

  • Increased Self-Awareness: Through journaling prompts, workshops, and reflection time, retreat participants will gain a deeper understanding of their thoughts, emotions, and desires. They'll unearth limiting beliefs and explore what truly matters to them.

  • Enhanced Emotional Connection:  Art sessions and sharing circles will provide a safe space to express emotions and connect with others on a deeper level. This can lead to greater self-acceptance and a stronger sense of belonging.

  • Clarity of Purpose:  By creating their intention sketchbooks, participants will translate their desires and aspirations into a visual roadmap. This process helps them gain clarity on their desires and life direction, gaining a new sense of purpose.

  • Empowerment and Authenticity: Through introspection and creative expression, participants will discover and embrace their authentic selves. They'll gain the confidence and tools to set boundaries, the drive to overcome challenges, and live a more fulfilling life.

Overall, this retreat fosters a journey of self-discovery, leading to a more authentic, empowered, and connected version of oneself.


Rim Jarbouai

Raised by artistic parents on the shores of the Mediterranean, I was surrounded by creative expression from a young age. My parents instilled in me a love for independence and a deep connection to my emotions, but this also meant I sometimes felt like I didn't quite fit in with more conventional expectations. Ignoring my intuition and stifling my sensitivity, in an attempt to conform, led to burnout.

After trying so many “proven” techniques to heal, and still feeling lost and frustrated, Creativity eventually guided me back to myself, and opened its loving arms to me, softly whispering that I was exactly how I was supposed to be.

Creative expression saved my life time and time again, and now my deepest desire is to help you tap into its beautiful, powerful, transformational energy.

I know it’s in you too!

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  • Morning Rituals: Begin each day with mindfulness practice (nature contemplation + connecting to your senses) to set intentions and clear space for introspection. Sketchbook session following up transcribing intuitive downloads.


  • Healing Art Workshops: Use art mediums like sketching, watercolors, and collage to visually represent emotions, dreams, and desires. 


  • Guided Journaling Prompts & Guided Meditations: Delve into self-discovery, exploring past experiences, present challenges, and future aspirations.


  • Coaching Workshops: Sessions on topics like identifying limiting beliefs, setting boundaries, and embracing vulnerability.

Intention Sketchbook Creation

  • Vision Board/Authenticity Board: We will craft your authentic soul board, incorporating inspiring images and keywords. 

  • Daily Sketching: We will have daily sketching sessions inspired by nature to capture feelings, dreams, and insights that arise throughout the retreat.

Healing and Integration

  • Mindful walks: Immerse yourselves in the Tuscan countryside with meditative/contemplative walks, focusing on the textures, sounds, and smells of nature.


  • Nature Sound Healing Sessions: Lie in the Tuscan meadows, lulled by the sounds of nature to promote relaxation and deeper connection to oneself.


  • Sharing Circles: We will end the days with sharing circles for participants to connect on a deeper level, offer support, and celebrate their discoveries.


  • Closing ceremony: On the last day, we will craft together a beautiful decor for the barn, where we will enjoy the dishes from the cooking class and participants can share their intention sketchbooks and celebrate their journey.


In addition, I can offer post-retreat support resources like online forums or group coaching calls to maintain momentum and accountability.


6 nights in wild Tuscany. 

Private Room w/ Private Bath | $4,400

Shared Apartment w/ Private Room | $4,100

*Airfare not included.


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