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“As a leader, Jane has a noble presence that manifests as equal parts compassion and resilience. She successfully created a safe space to come as you are and challenged me to bring everything to the table without judgment.”

- Lee



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I want to invite you on an inward journey. To guide you into a place where you can connect to the voice of your inner life. Where you can trust and learn how to practice equanimity and have more peace of mind. 

I am creating a circle of connection where we can be messy and soar at the same time.  And I want you to be a part of it. Let's go within.

Hi, I'm Jane Reeves
Let me be your guide.

I’m an international retreat leader, author and mentor in the sacred arts of loving kindness, connection, and joy. I teach why and how to retreat in our daily lives, giving ourselves time for rest, reflection, and curiosity. I’ll help you remember your Radiance, not just on vacations and weekends. This is my work in the world.

Crafting beautiful moments is a creative joy for me. I have led over 80 retreats in the last twenty years. I have learned so much about humanity, connection, and what brings people alive in my travels. Join me for a life changing experience in stunning Italy. 



My newest course offering is an invitation to curiosity and self-knowing.Let's throw off the shackles of the rising anxiety in our culture that asks us always to be busy and to push harder. Instead, we will bring more Loving Kindness to our daily practice and life.


I am excited to give you tools to build an atmosphere that is conducive to real expansion and lasting transformation. Maybe you have been looking for discernment about where this strange season of life is taking you. Life will never be the same again, so this is a beautiful moment to create something new. What would it look like to be more awake to your life, to be a light and a hope to the world?


When you go within with ferocious compassion, you will know that you are whole, radiant and enough. A deep self-guided 6 week journey, including 2 lessons a week exploring the themes of embodiment, presence, integrity and of course, love. We're beginning on August 29th, 2022! Find out more and sign up by hitting the button below.


Dear heart, come and see what a difference ferocious compassion can make as you pour it over your one and only precious life.

Sign up here for the next offering of this course.

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I find that sometimes my students face challenges with their daily practice around the holiday season, which is why I was inspired to create an experience that is designed to guide you in maintaining and growing the practices that bring peace and joy to your life.

Instead of watching your most healthy rituals get edged out by the busy holiday season, I would love for you to join me in Santosha, a forty day journey to bring radical wellness and self-love into your life, as well as a depth in your yoga practice that you will be able to carry on into the New Year.

Santosha is the sanskrit word for contentment. 

A season marked by mindfulness, self-love and being fully present might be the best gift you can give yourself this year. 

It would be my honor to guide and encourage you as you anchor yourself to a deep yoga practice that will sustain you this winter.

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Rock Maze


Within is my deepest, most intimate course offering because it includes 12 weeks of mentoring calls with me inside of a small group setting. Here is what you will do and create inside of WITHIN:

  • You will sit down in your own life. 

  • You will plan for your own spiritual life and growth.

  • You will sit with your feelings and understand their source, as well as their story.

  • You will learn the very nature of practice.

  • You will create equanimity, learning what it means and why it matters.

  • You will understand how to care for yourself (and why it is different from how we care for others).

  • You will discover presence. 

  • You will learn what you believe about your interior life.

  • You will integrate learning by turning it into real transformation.

In all these things, I will be your gentle, but fierce guide. I will hold your hand and be present with you. You will be seen and witnessed one-on-one with me as your master wellness teacher.  Learn more here.

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