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Florence Cathedral

“In a world where the superficial and inauthentic have become the norm, Jane is a deep well of true wisdom. Her integration of years of learning and teaching along with her lived experience and her own journey within means she is a wise, warm and trustworthy guide for anyone interested in exploring what truly matters.”

- Lianne Raymond

"La Belleza"
Couples Holiday Retreat in Florence


For info on Florence 2024 retreat please click here!

with Jane Reeves
December 10-15, 2023

Cari Amici! A few years ago, my husband and I took a detour and treated ourselves to something new. We wanted to have a different kind of holiday season where we could feel more connection to the beauty of life and be inspired during the holidays. We wanted to be in the presence of ancient art and architecture, eat nourishing soulful food, sip wine and taste olive oil, walk the mysterious streets of one of the most gorgeous cities in the world and just slow down into pleasure. We wanted to feel joy! Our first trip was such a life-changing experience that I decided to create something around what we did and share it with others. I believe in this way of travel and retreating with all my being. I wanted others to feel what we felt. Joy for joys sake!

Throughout the years, my husband and I have spent time in Florence during the Christmas season a handful of times. Each time, it becomes one of the most sacred and authentic holidays we’ve ever experienced. We love the way time stands still, people seem to be genuinely appreciating each other, and the streets are alive with vitality and life. It is twinkly and magical.

Bring your beloved and join us in Italy during Christmas season!

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Hi, I'm Jane

I’m an international retreat leader, author and mentor in the sacred arts of loving kindness, connection, and joy. I teach why and how to retreat in our daily lives, giving ourselves time for rest, reflection, and curiosity. I’ll help you remember your Radiance, not just on vacations and weekends. This is my work in the world. 

Crafting beautiful moments is a creative joy for me. I have led over 80 retreats in the last twenty years. I have learned so much about humanity, connection, and what brings people alive in my travels. Join me for a life changing experience in stunning Italy. 


La Bellezza means “the beauty” in Italian.

It speaks of how we dwell in beauty as we celebrate life! During this customized, one-of-a-kind gathering you and your beloved will be totally taken care of, and we know how to experience Florence in the best way!

We’ll experience Joy for Joys sake! We’ll take time to celebrate the beauty of life itself. We will experience the pleasure of strolling, customized food tastings, wine tastings, private museum tours, guided walks, massage, tarot readings, and just BEING in one of the most beautiful cities on earth. We’ll have opportunities to rest and pamper ourselves too. In other words, it’s going to be incredibly nurturing and fun.

The La Bellezza retreat will include:

Beautiful and nourishing morning breakfast at San Firenze Suites and Spa, visiting the Christmas Markets, a private watercolor painting class, cooking classes, free time to wander down ancient streets, body work, customized museum and city tours, savoring Italian cuisine at the best of a foodie’s dream in Florence! This trip is all about taking pleasure in life and being in the moment.

Does this sound dreamy enough yet?
Even dreamier is the incredible location where we will be staying. San Firenze Suites and Spa in Firenze. A historical building of the seventeenth century entirely recently restored, San Firenze is located in the the beautiful Piazza di San Firenze, the heart of the city. Just in front of Bargello Museum and steps from many other magical sites that Florence has to offer. A Four Star hotel with luxury suites and a private spa that will leave you breathless. Holiday Retreating in Florence is all about enchantment. I can’t think of a more enticing way to welcome in joy than by experiencing the beauty of Italian culture.


This retreat is open for individuals and couples of all kinds. Bring your sister, friend, or partner, and experience the beauty and joy of Florence at holiday time!

We’d love to have you join us in Florence during holiday season so that you too can remember your dreams, and the beauty of life.

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Included in each package:

  • 5 nights lodging at San Firenze Suites & Spa

  • Breakfast and Dinner each day 

  • Private museum tours

  • Private Florence walking tour with multiple stops and tastings

  • Trip to the Christmas Markets

  • Dinners out at 5 star Florentine restaurants

  • Private watercolor painting class with Lisa Brancatisano!

  • cooking class with an Italian chef including dinner!

  • surprise! 



Julie Humphreys

Julie Humphreys is renowned and trusted Intuitive Energy Healer on the Seacoast of New Hampshire and owns The Spiritual Wellness Center.  With over two decades of shamanic healing & psychic mediumship experience and reading & teaching tarot, she brings powerful and unique insights & guidance for clarity, purpose, and healing. 


5 nights in bella Firenze. 

Private luxury lodging | $3,400

*Airfare not included.


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Image by Heidi Kaden
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