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    "Restorative. Inspiring. Energizing. Honestly, this retreat was the fucking BOMB! Hands down. Incredible treats and nurturing balanced with the hardcore self work. I LOVED it. It was awesome, perfect, loving, wholesome, and delicious!"

- Marisa D.

Come Back to Love Retreat

with Robyn Vogel

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Bring the spiritual back into focus and be the creator of your own life. Robyn Vogel is the founder of Come Back To Love® and her greatest joy is crafting and curating magical, moving and immersive experiences for spiritual seekers to know their greatest capacities and create a life they are dreaming of. When you remember your true nature and become pure love (again) everything comes to you and you will never be without.

This retreat is ideal for those interested in learning anew or deepening their knowledge of tarot by studying with a master of Tarot Readings, for those who want to discover more about themselves through calming meditation, and for those who want to explore their own life cycles and energy. Guests are encouraged to travel to other areas in Italy before or after the retreat, so that the retreat itself can be a time for replenishment, focused on centering into the experience at Fattoria del Colle. If you would appreciate a few insider tips about travel plans before or after retreat, ideal ways to be in Tuscany, and some of the bigger cities such as Rome, Florence, Naples and Venice, just ask. We are happy to help you make the most of your trip to Italy!

We will send you an FAQ when you make your reservation. 

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About Robyn Vogel

Robyn Vogel is an international transformational workshop leader, intuitive energy healer, Akashic record reader, and founder of Come Back To Love® and the Sex Magic and Manifestation course. She is an expert in all things intimacy. Thousands of men and women have participated in her spiritual, personal growth workshops, body-based healing sessions, and intuitive readings, and viewed her techniques through her Facebook and Youtube Channel. She’s also been featured as a guest expert on Boston’s Cable TV.


The Four Hidden Paths – We begin our exploration at ground zero, with card zero to pinpoint and navigate our position in Four Hidden Paths housed in the Tarot’s Major Arcana known as the Paths of Equilibrium & Balance, Cause & Effect, Change & Transformation and Transcendence & Self Actualization.

The Four Unique Realms – We will proceed onto the Minor Arcana, and the Four Unique Realms. We will work with the Swords and the Realm of Esoteric Intelligence, the Cups and the Realm of Fulfilling the Higher Heart, the Coins and the Realm of Meaningful Manifestation, and finally the Wands and the Realm of Spiritual Missions. We will activate the Four Realms through intentional spreads that open and align the mind, heart, body and spirit connection.

The Royals – With guidance from the tarot’s spiritual Court Cards we will adopt techniques for crowning the noble heart. Here we will connect with the majesty of existing within self-mastery and unite our discoveries with our personal mission.

Introduction to Ancient Italian Talismans – Italy is not only known as the tarot’s birthplace, but also for its deep history of folk magic. We will unite this magic with the cards and Italy’s sacred votives, talismans, floral rituals and more. With each session in our study, you will be assign a new casting charm beginning with the Italian talisman known as the Chimaruta which reflects the symbols in the Minor Arcana, initiation of inner-sight and the transformative power of Italy’s flora and fauna. Once understood, you will learn a technique known as floral readings and the practice that initiates the Strega’s Eye.

Anatomy of your Reading Cloth – We will devote time to your reading cloth and how to use it for readings and ritual. We will also work to combine your casting talismans your reading cloth. 

Meditation and Loving Kindness – The retreat will also include guided meditation, dharma talks, and time to seek peace and quiet, as Jane Reeves enhances the lessons by Carrie Paris, using A Heart of Gold as a guide and companion book to delve more deeply into the art of Loving Kindness.

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